Item #40128 Subvers 1 tijdschrift voor (onder meer) konkrete poëzie. Hans CLAVIN.
Subvers 1 tijdschrift voor (onder meer) konkrete poëzie.


Subvers 1 tijdschrift voor (onder meer) konkrete poëzie.

Ijmuiden, Holland: The Subvers Press, October 1970. 8vo. Perfect bound wrps., with orange-printed cover by Paul Höhner.

Contributors to this inaugural issue include Paul de Vree; Ugo Carrega; Edgardo a Vigo; Jean-François Bory; Clemente Padín; Jiří Valoch; Adriano Spatola; the editor; and Genesis Megson (Genesis P-Orridge/Neil Megson).

Megson’s contribution is a typographically arranged poem titled “Death”, dated 1969, and his location is given on the contents page as Salop, an alternative name for both Shropshire and Shrewsbury, where he was living at the time with his parents. It was probably written shortly before his return to Hull in November 1969, and sometime around the period when the words ‘COUM Transmissions’ first appeared to him in a visionary experience during a car journey with his parents to Wales.

Very Good plus (the upper and lower edges bear the neat ink initials of the American concrete poet Henry W. Targowski). One of 500 numbered copies.

A very early and apparently undocumented publication appearance by Genesis P-Orridge.