Item #40268 The Dial-A-Poem-Poets. Heathcote WILLIAMS, contributes.
The Dial-A-Poem-Poets.
The Dial-A-Poem-Poets.


The Dial-A-Poem-Poets.

NY: Giorno Poetry Systems, 1972. Double LP record (GPS-001), with GPS promo/subscription insert. Sleeve photographs and design by Les Levine, liner notes by John Giorno.

Heathcote Williams contributes “I Will Not Pay Taxes Until”, his most famous diatribe from the period.

The other contributors are: Ted Berrigan; Joe Brainard; Michael Brownstein; William Burroughs; John Cage; Jim Carroll; Kathleen Cleaver; Clark Coolidge; Robert Creeley; Diane di Prima; Allen Ginsberg; John Giorno; Brion Gysin; David Henderson; Lenore Kandel; Bernadette Mayer; Taylor Mead; Frank O’Hara; Ed Sanders; Aram Saroyan; Harris Schiff; Bobby Seale; John Sinclair; Anne Waldman; Philip Whalen; and Emmett Williams.

The album contains 1 hour and 50 minutes of recordings selected from 48 hours of GPS tapes recorded over the previous 20 years (most date from 1968-72). The tapes featured in an installation organised by John Giorno at NYC MoMA with the idea that anyone entering the museum could pick up a phone and listen to a poem. The FBI closed it down, probably due to the inclusion of Black radicals.

Discs Excellent; inner sleeves slightly tanned and worn; gatefold sleeve ringworn with worn edges, Very Good minus; insert Near Fine.