Item #40307 Cosmosis card. COUM.
Cosmosis card.


Cosmosis card.

Printed recto and verso in black on white card stock. 14x9cm. Near Fine.

Early editions, printed circa 1971/72, featured a blank verso; this later variant, featuring a text and a small illustration on the verso, was handed out during COUM’s ‘Ministry of Antisocial Insecurity’ action at the Ferens Gallery in Hull on January 6th, 1973 (this was the centrepiece of COUM’s involvement with the Fanfare for Europe festival, for which Cosey Fanni Tutti was given the name ‘Miss Gateway to Europe’ by mail artist Michael Scott).

Recto prints Cosmosis artwork by Genesis P-Orridge, who named Christine Newby ‘Cosmosis’ after first seeing her at a party at Hull University in late 1969. The name was soon shortened to Cosey, and she adopted her full name of Cosey Fanni Tutti in 1972 (after a letter addressed to her from Robin Klassnik).