Item #40312 Sexual Transgressions No. 5. COUM.
Sexual Transgressions No. 5.


Sexual Transgressions No. 5.

Original invite card to the opening party for COUM’s Prostitution retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, October 18th, 1976, a notorious event that saw the simultaneous (though gradual) termination of COUM Transmissions and the emergence of Throbbing Gristle. 13.4x10cm. Printed in black on white card stock, with ‘Unsolicited Pornography’ rubber stamp to lower right corner of verso.

Illustrated with one of the images displayed in the exhibition, a photograph of Cosey Fanni Tutti reclining on couch in corset and stockings, wearing shades (the image is used to head an article from Curious magazine).

Verso lists programme of events, including Throbbing Gristle, ‘Professional Striptease’, and LSD rock band (aka Chelsea, playing their first gig with Billy Idol on guitar, and soon to mutate into Generation X. According to vocalist Gene October they were billed as ‘LSD’ in order to prevent fans of the Sex Pistols and Clash turning up; Chelsea were backed by old COUM friend John Krivine, then of Acme Attractions, who wanted a rival to both the Sex boutique and the Pistols; for Genesis P-Orridge the name ‘LSD’ was chosen simply to annoy people, especially hippies).

The event was a succès de scandale and launched TG and its new genre of industrial music into the uneasy mix of the London art world and the burgeoning punk scene, while its aftermath, led by Daily Mail's moral panic and P-Orridge and Tutti’s appearance on Thames TV’s Today programme, preceded the media furore over the Sex Pistols/Grundy show a few weeks later.

An almost indiscernible stain to lower part of recto; slight rubbing to verso; short, very faint diagonal crease; o/w Very Good plus.