Item #40319 Euphoric Scream. Cut-ups by A.S. Annie SPRINKLE.
Euphoric Scream. Cut-ups by A.S.


Euphoric Scream. Cut-ups by A.S.

No place: self-published, no date (c. 1984). First edition. 32mo. Self-wrps., (8pp.), side-stapled.

A small, illustrated booklet, with front cover printing Sprinkle’s quote, “Pornography is fifty years behind art and writing”, an altered appropriation of Brion Gysin’s remark from 1959 that “Writing is fifty years behind painting.”

Contains four cut-up texts by Sprinkle: the first uses personal sex ads.; the second and third use “Pornography Cut Up With Old Fashioned French Onion Soup Recipe”; and the fourth uses “Section 4 of Andrea Dwarkin’s [sic] Anti-Pornography Civil Rights Law cut up with a paragraph from SCREW magazine.”

Author’s name written out in red ink in an unknown hand to upper panel, o/w Fine.