Item #40325 Annie Sprinkle’s Bosom Ballet. Annie SPRINKLE.
Annie Sprinkle’s Bosom Ballet.


Annie Sprinkle’s Bosom Ballet.

(NY): Sprinkle Salon, 1987. Poster. Offset, 87x40.7cm. Design by Les Barany, with photography by Les Barany/Annie Sprinkle.

Illustrated with a series of 18 b/w photographs, below which a text by Sprinkle explains how she conceived the idea and of how one Halloween, painted silver and with her breasts welded together with rubber cement, she went to a party as a “mono-tit Martian.”

She describes in the text how her ‘Bosom Ballet’ was first recorded on video in 1980 and aired on Midnight Blue, a New York City cable television show, after which she did the Ballet photographically with a series of SX70 Polaroids that were hung in the Neikrug Gallery (NYC) Rated X show in 1981. Numerous invitations for her to perform the Ballet followed (including at Studio 54, The Franklin Furnace and The Sixth Sense Gallery), and Sprinkle quotes approvingly the comment published in High Performance magazine that “ ‘showing her tits’ spills over the limit of sexiness and exaggerates by analogy our exaggerated interest in seeing or having large breasts, until humor overtakes self-consciousness.”

Light creasing and edge-wear, o/w Very Good plus.