Item #40353 Banned! OZ ADVERTISING.



A glossy card printing a sarcastic conversation between Oz advertising manager John Leaver and Felix Dennis, originally intended for publication in the Advertiser’s Weekly (the card claims it refused to run it), c. April 1968. Printed in black on coated white card stock. 17.9x11.5cm.

Illustrated with a small image of the Hapshash cover from Oz #4 and photobooth images of two “OZ staff deliberating whether to advertise for advertising in this journal” (a beardless Felix Dennis and John Leaver). Dennis, then still an Oz ‘pusher’, before he took over from John Leaver (who moved to Time Out), is cast as a ‘Hippy purist’ in their brief debate and argues against sucking up “to button-down Agency hacks” and selling out to copywriters.

Corners slightly creased, o/w Very Good.